VIP: Customers who have paid-off their first loan with Green Trust Cash in good standing can save 125 percentage points on a second loan.

VIP Gold: VIP customers who have paid-off their second loan in good standing can save another 100 percentage points on all subsequent loans. (225 percentage points compared to a new customer)

As with new customers, Green Trust Cash incentivizes applicants who choose electronic repayment via ACH over manual repayments (such as cashiers check, money order, or personal check) by reducing their APR by approximately 50 percentage points. All resulting savings over the life of the loan may vary based upon loan size or pre-payment.

Please see our rates page for VIP & VIP Gold discounts.

Loan Terms

Your first scheduled loan payment will be at a minimum 7 days from your funding date.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation above is an approximation based upon your pay frequency. The cost of your credit will be clearly disclosed to you in terms of dollar amount of finance charges and the APR according to the principles of Federal Truth in Lending regulations.

For all details of your specific loan, always refer to your signed loan agreement contract. If a payment is 5 days late a charge equal to 10% of the payment due will be applied, furthermore, a non-sufficient funds/returned item fee of $30 may be applied.


Loan Examples

The payment schedule illustrates the number of payments and amounts you would pay per your contract unless additional payments are made. We encourage customers to pay more than the contracted payment amount and pay back their loan as soon as possible to reduce the amount of finance charges.