Refer a Friend

Our Refer a Friend Program

Refer a friend and you get $50.

Get $50 Cash for Every Friend you Refer

Help your friends out and get $50 cash in the process! Tell your friends about and when they get their first loan with us, we'll deposit $50 in your checking account the next banking day. Not only that, but there is no limit to how many bonuses you can earn!

What to Do

After you have received your first loan from Green Trust Cash you will be eligible to receive the $50 referral bonus.

For you to qualify, your friends:

For you to qualify you:

Our Conditions

You must only refer Green Trust Cash to people that you know and have a direct relationship with. You cannot use unsolicited communication means such as bulk-email lists, non-personal social media accounts, automatic dialers or flyers to promote your referrals. You may not submit yourself or a spouse for this referral bonus. Green Trust Cash will monitor for unsolicited bulk communications and will ban anyone attempting to spam others under this program.