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Learn about our competitive rates and electronic repayment incentive.

Green Trust Cash incentivizes customers who choose electronic repayment via ACH. If you choose ACH, you will receive a reduction in your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of approximately 50 percentage points. The resulting savings over the life of your loan may vary based upon your loan amount or any pre-payments you make. See the example below.


In most cases your funds will be electronically deposited via ACH to your bank account on the next business day.

Loan Terms

Your first scheduled loan payment will be at a minimum 7 days from your funding date.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation below is an example based upon a biweekly payment schedule.

In your loan documents, the cost of your credit will be clearly disclosed to you in terms of the dollar amount of finance charges and the APR according to the principles of Federal Truth in Lending regulations.

Other charges may apply if you make your loan payment late or your payment is returned. If your payment is 5 days late, a charge equal to 10% of the payment due will be applied.  If your payment is returned to us, a non-sufficient funds/returned item fee of $30 may be applied.

For details of your specific loan, always refer to your signed loan agreement contract.

There are no pre-payment penalties. And, by paying off your loan off faster, you will save on finance charges.
— Green Trust Cash

New Customer & Returning Customer (VIP's)  Loan Rates. 

GTC_Chart_062518 (Revised APR chart) - 11.06.18.png

Loan Examples

The examples here illustrate the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), payment amount, number of payments, and discounts for returning customers as well as for electronic repayments.

We encourage you to pay more than your contracted payment amount and pay back your loan as soon as possible to reduce the amount you pay in finance charges.

Key Terms

Manual Payments
Any payments that you make using a cashier’s check, personal check, money order, money transfer service, or bill pay via your bank.

Automated Payments
Payments you authorize us to draft via ACH from your account. Any automated payments that fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or banking holiday will be debited on the next business day.

Payment Savings
The savings per payment we give you if you choose to allow us to draft your account via ACH.

Life of Loan Savings
Your savings over the life of the loan if you only make automatic payments as scheduled.

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